Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SAVE, “Students Uniting Against Violence” Awareness and Support Program

According to our scheduled plan on 2nd June 2070, eight members of SQC Elevate along with the facilitators Mrs. Sarita Dewan and Mr. Nirajan Adhikari went to Shree Saraswati Primary School to conduct our Awareness & Support Program, accompanied by fifteen SQC volunteers of class IX.

We departed from our school at around 10:45 am and reached the venue at 11:15 am. We received a warm welcome by the students and teachers of Shree Saraswati Primary School. We put up posters related to our theme on the walls of the school. 

As per our target group, thirty girl students of 12-16 years were ready for the program, we had awareness program against women violence and sanitation kit as support for them. The principal of the school Mrs. Indira Mahat was present there as the invited guest along with other teachers. 

First, our SQC facilitator Mr. Nirajan Adhikari presented the details of our project, followed by the introduction of SQC members to the participants.

Our team leader Ms. Anshuka Rani Das gave speech on the status of women in Nepal. She highlighted on some of the culturally and socially sanctioned evil practices, that help to discriminate women in Nepalese society such as dowry, branding women as witches and torturing them, Deuki Pratha (practice of offering girls to temples), Chhaupadi Pratha (practice of secluding girls/women during menstrual period and spending those days in cow-sheds) etc.

Next Mr. Ayush Thapa shared his views on why violence against women exists in Nepal. He pointed out that, patriarchy that prevails in our society is the root cause for the discrimination of women. From the time immemorial, to establish their dominance and gain privileges, men stressed that women are physically weak. 

Then Ms. Asmita Ghimire discussed the types of violence committed against women and its effects. According to her, some of the most common forms of violence against women are domestic violence, sexual harassment, abusing etc. These are dire consequences for girls lose self-esteem, suffer insecurity etc.

Next, Ms. Asma Pun talked about menstruation and care during menstrual period. She informed about the basic things, which help to reduce pain during menstruation. She also stressed on the importance of eating proper diet and doing light exercise. She gave tips on reducing menstrual cramps.

There was a demonstration by Ms. Manisha Ranabhat, a black belt 3rd Dan in Shito-Ryo Karate. She presented simple, yet effective karate moves for self –defense. The students from Saraswati School took active participation in the demonstration. This demonstration was considered beneficial and interesting to the girls who live in vulnerable circumstances in the Slum.

Manisha Ranabhat showing self defense techniques

Then, it was Ms. Shiska Raut’s turn to inform the girls on how to use the materials provided to them in the sanitary kits such as Dettol Disinfectant soap, crepe bandage, simple medicines like Sancho etc.

Then Ms. Nikita Yadav and Ms. Esha Rajbhandari talked about the importance of primary health care like washing hands, protecting foods with coverings etc. They even demonstrated the proper way to wash our hands.

Mrs. Sarita Dewan expressed gratitude on behalf of Little Angels’ School. She expressed her views that, such projects not only help the needy target group, but also generate the feelings of volunteerism, leadership, shouldering social responsibilities among youths. She also said that this project is the beginning, and hopes such programmes will be conducted by the students of Manohara School after learning about it.  Mrs. Indira Mahat thanked SQC Elevate for the effort for the awareness program and helping the girls of her school.

Finally Ms. Aashma Poudel extended the vote of thanks to everyone who had helped us to successfully complete this phase of our project SAVE.

The team of LAS 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Program Plan

We had planned to conduct our program on 26th May, 2013 , Sunday but because of the upcoming school activities and lack of time we couldn't conduct the program. So, after discussing about the program with the people of the Shree Saraswati Primary School, we decided to conduct our program on 2nd June, 2013. We have divided our program into three parts:

  1. Awareness about violence against women
  2. Self defense techniques
  3. Distribution of sanitary kit


1. Awareness about violence 

  • Current status of women in Nepal
  • Types, effects and causes of women violence
  • Cleanliness and care during menstrual period.
2. Demonstration of self-defense techniques
  • Basic defense techniques
3.Distribution of sanitary kits
  • General information about the materials inside the sanitary kits.
  • Primary health awareness
  • Vote of thanks

Shopping and Packing The Sanitary Items

Packing the sanitary items


After the need analysis, we decided to give eleven different sanitary items to the targeted group. On 20th and 21st May 2013, we , the members of SQC Elevate went to buy the materials and bought the material from the amount we collected and also saved some amount of the budget. We bought the following items for the targeted group and made thirty sanitary kits containing all the items:

Materials' Name
Rate per item
Total Amount
Lifebuoy Soap
Ear Buds
Nail Trimmer
Dettol Disinfectant
NRs. 50/-
Crepe Bandage
Digene Tablets
Niko tablets (paracetamol)


NRs. 12510/-

Collection of Donation

On 5th-17th May, 2013 , we, the members of SQC Elevate, went to the different blocks of our school to collect the donations. As they say,'with a little effort, we can do something huge' we collected little amount of donations from the various blocks through the teachers and directly through the students. We received a lot of support from the school management and the total amount we collected was Rs.16,000/-. Some of the students also donated some stationery items.
Counting the donation money
A student donation money

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sharing Project Details

We decided to ask for support and donation from the students and teachers of various blocks of our school. So, at the beginning of May, 2013 we members of  SQC Elevate, gave speech about the present condition of women violence in Nepal and also information them about our project related to women violence, it's objectives and  encouraged them to support us by donating money and materials. We also made wall magazines, posters and pasted them in the various blocks of our school to inform the students about our project and to support us in our donation drive . We even displayed some placards related to our project and women violence to influence and attract the attention of the students and teachers.

Adding the final touches to our wall magazines

A group member displaying our postcards

Members of our group giving speech in the 9 & 10 block

Students of grade 7 attentively listen to our group's speech

Sharing our project detail to the students of grade 6